Size Guide


OPTION 1:  (Recommended)

Order your ring along with our Sizing Kit, which is offered as a convenient alternative to visiting a local jeweler to get an estimated size.
Sizing kits are shipped within 1-2 business days.



Follow the 3 steps below to find your ring size easily.
Doing this you will know the Inside Circumference.

  1. Take a piece of string, ribbon, thread, or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, close to the knuckle.
  2. With a pen, carefully mark the spot where the string overlaps with its end and hold it up to a ruler that has millimeter measurements.
  3. Use the chart to determine your ring size.

The one that best matches is your ring size. If the ring size is in between two sizes, choose the larger ring size.


5 Cm To Ring Size Converter -

Our ring sizing guide is a complete demonstration that shows you how to take exact measurements for the ring size. Everybody is different when it comes to ring sizes: a smaller framed person might have larger than average fingers and vice versa, so there’s no easy way to predict what your ring size might be based on your clothing size or anything else.

If you’re purchasing an expensive or highly sentimental ring that you will be wearing every day, getting the size right is especially important because you don’t want to risk losing it or finding it too tight to wear. Keep in mind that your finger size will change throughout each day and over longer timeframes. Your fingers will tend to be more prominent in the evenings. They can be affected by hormones, weather, medication, hydration, etc.

Given this, it’s good to use our ring sizing guide on our website and measure multiple times over a day or even a few days to find the best size for you.

Most importantly, the ring size you choose should feel comfortable in the evening when you feel warm, and your fingers are more likely to expand in size. Ultimately this comes down to what you feel most comfortable with most of the time. As a ring size guide, your ring should fit your finger well enough so it won’t fall off. However, it should also be loose enough to fit over your knuckle without too much difficulty and allow for natural finger size changes throughout the day. When you come into our store Lucas will explain everything to you in finer detail so you really don’t have to worry about it if you don’t know what to do.