The workshop is the heart of our company. It’s where everything happens. It’s where creation meets knowledge and the expertise to develop new pieces. The place where, from a single ingot of pure metal, we give life to new ideas.

Our wide array of specialized tools allows us to perform any task that is required in the workshop, without the need for outsourcing to third parties. We alloy our own metals from scratch, giving us control over the colour, harness and durability of our alloys.

Special alloying techniques developed by Lucas over nearly thirty years yield precious metals with exceptional quality finish and durability. These techniques also allow us to reclaim

and recycle most precious metals, eliminating wastage almost completely and giving us a cleaner, greener workshop.

Our commitment to quality can be seen in every single piece of jewellery that we make in our workshop. Our alloying techniques yield metal that is denser and stronger, and our design approach means that our jewellery has a reassuring weight and solidity – you can quite literally feel the difference in quality.