GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America, as is widely considered as the standard-bearer of the diamond certification industry. Everything that the GIA does is focused on education, whether it’s for the consumer or the jeweler.

An important factor that makes the GIA our top choice for diamond certificates is the fact that they are truly an independent, non-profit entity. Every diamond that is inspected by the GIA is viewed by four expert gemologists, and it’s impossible for jewelers to “game” the system by getting grades that are better than what the diamond actually is.


An original GIA diamond grading report will have the Gemological Institute of America logo in the upper left. GIA GEM TRADE LABORATORY will be at the top of the document, with addresses and phone numbers, and the document will be laminated. The report will have a number. The position of this number will vary depending on the date issued. Recent documents have the number in the upper left hand corner under the GIA logo. Below that number will be the date of the document. Other places in which the report number will appear will often be to the right of the centered “DIAMOND GRADING REPORT” just below the addresses and the phone numbers of the lab.